Adjustable, Ergonomic Support

Unlike average air travel pillows (which can be hard and uncomfortable), the Tascreon travel neck rest is inflatable. Featuring innovative, contoured raised arches, you get support on both sides of your head to prevent the dreaded bobble head and help maintain proper neck alignment. Ideal for people of all ages and practically every form of travel including airplanes, cars, trains, buses.

Wash, Store, and Go

In addition to being impressively soft and cozy, the micro-velvet cover is removable and machine washable, giving you a fresh pillow for every trip. When not in use, your travel headrest can be deflated in seconds, folded flat, and stored in its convenient drawstring travel sack.

Multipurpose – Use It Every Day

While adjustable travel pillows are primarily enjoyed on airplanes and road trips, you can use yours to make daily activities more pleasant: Binge watch your favorite TV series in comfort. Maintain proper neck alignment while reading a book. Avoid neck strain during long movies. Take a power nap at the office.