Learn new language in 6 months.

Can you learn language in 6 months? Find out how to do it.

Chris Londale, a New Zealand psychologist believes you can! In fact, anybody can learn a language in six months if they follow the five principles and seven actions.

Question is: how do you do that? Do this through modelling, a term Chris use to refer finding someone who have done it and in situation which is already working then apply its principles.

Before moving on Chris reminds about 2 myths – things that really do not matter. These are talent and immersion in new country.


5 Principles:

  1. Attention – Meaning – Relevance – Memory. Focus on language content that is relevant to you
  2. Use your new language as a tool to communicate from Day 1
  3. When you first UNDERSTAND the MESSAGE, then you will unconsciously ACQUIRE the Language!
  4. Physiological training – language is not about accumulating a lot of knowledge but is rather a type of physiological training.
  5. Psycho-physiological state matters – if you are sad, angry, worried, upset, you’re not going to learn. Be happy, relay, curious and need to be tolerant about ambiguity. Do not be upset in not getting every single word you hear.


7 Actions:

  1. Listen a LOT! It does not matter if you understand it or not. Listen to rhythm, patterns that repeat, listen to things that stands out.
  2. Focus on getting the meaning first (even before you get the words). Understand what different postures means. Human communication has a lot to do with body language. Use patterns that you already know.
  3. Start mixing. If you have 10 Verbs, 10 Nouns and 10 Adjectives – you can start making 10000 different phrases. Start mixing and get creative like babies.
  4. Focus on the core. In English, 1000 words covers anything you are going to say in daily communication. 3000 words gives you 98% of anything you are going to say in daily conversation. When you are just beginning, start with your toolbox:
    1. Week 1 Toolbox: What is this? How do you say? I don’t understand… Repeat that please… What does that mean? - ALL IN TARGET LANGUAGE
    2. Week 2 Pronouns, Common Verbs, Adjectives: you, this, that, me, give – simple nouns, verbs etc.
    3. Week 4 Glue words: Although, but, therefore – logical transformation that ties words together.
  5. Get a Language Parent: Just like children have parents who corrects their pronunciations. Someone who understand your message.
  6. Copy the face: Body gets the muscle right in a way people will understand you.
  7. “Direct Connect” to Mental Images: Realize everything to you know is an image inside your mind.
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